Suitable for any age to begin learning about horses and riding, beginning with the basics.  For more experienced riders, a great opportunity to improve upon current skills and learn true western riding. Safety and functionality is the cornerstone of all lessons.

These lessons and the Stay in the Saddle method teach the Four C’s of Horsemanship and Riding: Comfort, Communication, Control and Confidence. We developed this “gauge” to help horsemen determine where they are in their riding skills.

As you learn to control your own body and teach it to ride with the correct posture and a good seat, you will become comfortable in the saddle. It takes time and effort to develop this comfort, sometimes the most difficult part, but once accomplished you will begin to communicate with your horse.

To truly communicate with your horse, you need to cue him correctly. Since you are comfortable, and thus relaxed with a posture of purpose, you will give him proper messages and not confuse him with incorrect signals.

When you begin to effectively communicate with your horse, you will begin to experience control over your horse. Because you are first in control of your own body and riding comfortably, you can communicate to your horse specifically what you want, and then ultimately be in control of him with out
harsh aids or confusion.

With comfort, communication and control, you will enjoy and reap the benefits of confidence. With increased confidence, you will ride even better and your interest will grow. You will have accomplished a huge step in your horsemanship. And with building confidence, you will become more comfortable, communicate better and feel that gentle control of your horse that you’ve been striving for. Your horse will ride better and you will experience success in the saddle.

The Four C’s are vital to being a successful horseman, and it really is a continuing cycle. Each step is so important in its order, and necessary before going on to the next step. It will be very worth your time to accomplish each “C” in order to achieve the final reward of confidence. You’ll be improved, your horse
will be improved, and you will achieve the “oneness” with your horse that you desire.