EquestrAsian Sports Association of Maryland Inc. or EASA-MD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for charitable, educational, and fostering of national or international equestrian sports with the following key purposes:

  • Promote and encourage the local Asian American community to participate in equestrian sports
  • Provide education programs including seminars, camps, clinics and related events on various disciplines and sport activities involving horses
  • Work with equestrian education centers, businesses, facilities, and agencies in partnership to achieve the above purposes

Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan greetings for our Asian American Day at the Fair Hill, Oct. 2020

Our Mission

To help promote equestrian sports in the Asian-American communities and abroad in Asia through education, events, and exchange programs, build partnerships with organizations, communities and countries through equestrian sports and programs to help raise awareness and participation.

Our Vision

Equestrian sports are not just the sports of king and queens, it can be accessible, affordable, and fun for everyone!